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Karl A. Lambert

Dear recruiters - I'm an Engineer, R&D Strategist, and Professional Solver.  I like to model, simulate, and optimize complex assets, processes, or systems.  I'm looking to move from contracting to full-time work.  

Please familiarize yourself with my resume below.


Work Experience

 June 2011 – October 2015:

R&D Strategist & Knowledge Tools Engineer at Quristic

National Capital Region, Canada

 Keywords:  R&D Management; Knowledge Engineering; Ontology Modeling; Expert Systems; Process Improvement; Optimization; Consulting;


  • Lead a small team for R&D of high-performance game-playing engines and real-time solvers.
  • Harness and develop novel architectures, algorithms, and agents for asset integrity planning.
  • Project governance, configuration management, and cost/benefit analysis for clients.
  • Advise top management in technical matters, market trends, and overall R&D direction.

Work Scope & Application Themes:

  • Uncover, propose, and track client requirements and project deliverables.
  • Become well-versed in many standard (and non-standard) AI and ML techniques.
  • Combine domain-expert knowledge with mathematical analysis to drive process improvements in "small data" or "big noise" environments.
  • Major client projects included a real-time integrity assessment for a "lights out" JIT distribution facility (KVM); an Airspace-as-a-Service (AaaS) study for UAS traffic management (UTM: NASA); and an integrity management framework for ad-hoc network infrastructure.


  • Took on numerous professional capacities over a short period of time.
  • Developed a highly-effective and semi-autonomous work-flow for system prognostics and configuration management.
  • An order-of-magnitude improvement in several of the client's key performance indicators and cost/risk metrics.


September 2010 – May 2011:

Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research & Coursework, Cognitive Science at Carleton University

Ottawa, Canada

Keywords:  Teaching Assistant; Graduate Coursework; Cognitive Science; Complex Adaptive Systems;  Self-Directed Research;


  • Studied several topics in Cognitive Science, AI, Philosophy of Science, and General Computation; including Cognitive Architectures, Neural Networks, and other Models of the Mind.
  • Gave presentations and lectured on several topics in Cognitive Science.
  • Performed TA duties including assignment correction and exam assistance.
  • Completed several external courses via online/distance platforms.  Subjects include algorithms for AI/ML, game theory, graph theory, combinatorics, theory of computation (automata), complex adaptive systems.


February 2008 – April 2010:

R&D Project Engineer at the Center for Cold Ocean Research & Engineering, C-CORE

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Keywords:  Project Engineering; Subsea Engineering; ArcGIS; Risk Mitigation;


  • Developed analytical tools for modeling the allocation of risk in offshore and subsea systems.
  • Developed a framework and tools for pipeline route optimization and risk-landscape planning.
  • Performed engineering feasibility studies for projects in harsh environments.
  • Assisted in the modeling, simulation, and experimental validation of several components of the Subsea and Pipeline Ice Risk Assessment and Mitigation Projects (PIRAM, SIRAM).
  • Performed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) analysis on physical experiments to track soil-ice-pipeline interactions and displacements.
  • Utilized ArcGIS, Matlab, VBA, Python, and in-house scripts in various capacities to support the ice and geotechnical engineering teams.


May 2004 – September 2007:

Miscellaneous CO-OP Placements & Junior Engineering Internships

Various Locations, Canada, USA, Norway

Keywords:  Coop Stages; Student Internships; Junior Engineering Positions;

Primary Scopes of Work:

  • Technip (2007);  Subsea Engineering - Structural and Failure Analysis (FEA and FMEA) of umbilical risers, fatigue modeling, HAZOP studies.
  • Acergy (2006);  Offshore Engineering - Cost/Benefit Studies, benefits-gap analysis for offshore crane operations, complex requirements studies for offshore/marine equipment, production facilities, and dock infrastructure.
  • Peter Kiewit Sons (2005);  Field engineering - Heavy civil construction projects, AutoCAD drafting support, construction estimation, instrumentation layouts, as-built drawings, traffic staging and site safety.
  • Fleetway (2004);  Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering - Damage-scenarios and hydrostatics analysis of naval frigates and submarines for Navy/DND, patrol vessel preliminary design for Coast Guard, Engineering Change Orders, GHS and MicroStation document management, proposals upkeep and assistance.
  • BMT Fleet Technology (2003); Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering - General arrangements and crew accommodations studies, vessel and equipment drafting and 3D modelling (AutoCAD, Rhino3D), bulbous bow design, hull corrosion analysis and in-situ testing.



Masters of Engineering (2016)  - Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Thesis:          Generalized Asset Integrity Games.

Keywords:    Anytime Planning Agents; Combinatorial Optimization; Stochastic Games;                                                            Online Algorithms; Real-Time Decision-Making; Statistical Learning;


Bachelors of Engineering (2007)  - Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Degree:         Civil Engineering Systems, Offshore Oil & Gas Option (OOGE).

Keywords:    Civil Infrastructure; Socio-Technical Systems; Risk; Reliability; Performance;

Other Stuff


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